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    Strategy and implementation on a global scale.

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    Our approach is collaborative. We work closely with marketing firms for a successful investment subscription conversion.

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    We help navigate you through the most critical issues.

  • We help our clients achieve their funding goals. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality.

Shepherd Capital work closely with our clients from strategy to execution. We are your quintessential partners in building competitive advantage.
Weoffer clients a practical perspective combined with the expertise of our dedicated EB-5 team. Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, and operations, across all industries and aspects of project finance. We bring functional expertise, and holistic strategies, blending the right combination of analysis and function, thereby generating actionable insights that deliver results.

Our Services


Strategy matters. The success of your enterprise depends on understanding the current and future sources of advantage in the business you are in, and capturing and maintaining a grasp over your most critical issues.

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Current Projects

The current EB-5 market has demonstrated the investor’s desire for investments that fall within certain industries, and risk assessment criteria. Our evaluations have directed us to focus our efforts within certain areas.

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EB-5 Requirements

The basis for a EB-5 investor’s risk assesment is the expected cash flow of the project and the ability of the project to repay and/or refinance the investment over the agreed period. The risk is taken entirely by the Investor.

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We work on all issues that drive competitive advantage and performance. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver the essential advantage they need to thrive in a changing world.

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Thought leadership equals insight. We focus on our client’s differentiating capabilities driving their success and build those strengths to capture their inherent market opportunities.

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EB-5 Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing has become a crucial part of EB-5 financing. Our solution has been tailored for EB-5 developers who need bridge financing to successfully begin, develop, and fund their project.

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